Online Typing Jobs: Learn More About This Career

Due to advancements in internet and computer technology, plus the fact that you don't necessarily need to go into the office anymore to complete your job, online jobs are getting increasingly popular.

If you can type quickly and accurately, you might be able to get an online typing job that lets you work from home and use your skills. You can find a typing job that fits your skills and interests, whether you want to write, enter data, help customers, or work in marketing.

Online typing jobs are becoming increasingly popular, and this article will give you an idea of what they're like.

  • What Is an Online Typist?
  • What Are the Requirements for Online Typing Jobs?
  • How Much Can You Earn on Online Typing Jobs?
  • Why Is Content Writing a Common Form of Online Typing Job?
  • What Are the Pros of Online Typing Jobs?
  • What Are the Cons of Online Typing Jobs?
Online Typing Jobs: Learn More About This Career
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What Is an Online Typist?

Online typists are office workers who do their jobs outside of the office. They work from home or elsewhere with internet access to make documents for clients. As an online typist, your tasks depend on the industry and company you work for.

Online Typing Jobs: Learn More About This Career
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Typing letters, forms, and reports are typical of most jobs. Depending on your employer and the industry you work in, you may also have to transcribe audio recordings of events, board meetings, or executive notes.  Employers want you to do these tasks quickly and correctly based on their needs and deadlines.

Online word processors or online copy clerks are other names for this job. As their name implies, typists transcribe text for a variety of businesses.

Word processors are used by these people while writing reports, taking minutes in meetings, or transcribing other forms of content into digital format. Furthermore, they assist with various clerical tasks, such as proofreading and document filing.


What Are the Qualifications to Become an Online Typist?

A high school diploma is required for employment as an online typist. If you want to improve your work prospects and advance in your current position, consider pursuing an associate degree in business administration or a comparable profession.

A strong typing speed, the ability to work independently, and knowledge of common computer software, such as word processing programs like Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs, are also required. You must have good communication skills to know what your boss or clients want you to do.

Some of the documents you work on may have tight deadlines, so you must be able to stick to schedules and keep track of many projects going on at the same time. Typists who work online can work for a company or a typing service or independently and find their clients.


What Are the Requirements for Online Typing Jobs?

The requirements depend on what kind of job it is and what kind of quality they want. You can find a job quickly with very few requirements, but the pay will be meager. If you want good jobs, your portfolio is the most important thing.

Online Typing Jobs: Learn More About This Career
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If you are a native speaker of the language of the job you are applying for, that will also help. Here are some of the usual equipment requirements to do online typing jobs.

  • A PC or laptop
  • An internet connection
  • Headphones
  • A good working space that fits your needs

You can see that you don't need much and already have what you need most of the time.

How Can You Start Finding an Online Typing Job?

Create an account on one or more of the freelancing websites such as Freelancer or Upwork. After registering, you can submit applications for jobs and projects. These are excellent websites for finding work from home opportunities.

Remember to look for employment opportunities that match your qualifications. Because registration is free, you can start building a profile showcasing your qualifications and hunting for work.

Freelancing is highly suggested as it will almost always result in a higher income. Check with the leading companies that employ people to type online if you do not wish to work independently.

How Much Can You Earn on Online Typing Jobs?

When signing up for an online typing service, one of the most crucial considerations you'll need to make is your desired hourly fee. Word-based compensation is the norm, but hourly and per-page rates exist, particularly for transcription work.

Online Typing Jobs: Learn More About This Career
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It’s hard to give an average rate as it depends on many factors. It is recommended that you contact other people working in the area you want to work.

Based on information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,  the average hourly wage for a typist in the United States is $20.85. With this, the pay can be anywhere from about $10 per hour to about $30 per hour, which is a big difference.

How much you can charge per hour depends on your skill level, who you work for (more on that in the next section), and whether or not you have a niche. Finding a niche is good if you want to make more money.

Who Hires Online Typists?

Many people and businesses hire typists, but doctors and small business owners are two of the most common. Doctors are sometimes asked to give patient notes to other doctors, lawyers, or insurance companies. Handwritten notes are not acceptable.

Instead of spending time transcribing their notes, they hire someone else to do it so they can see and treat more patients.

The same is true for many business owners, especially those running smaller enterprises. It could be more expensive than hiring part-time staff if they get bogged down in administrative tasks and correspondence to the detriment of their core business.

Why Is Content Writing a Common Form of Online Typing Job?

Content writing jobs are probably the most common and easiest to find. Content writing jobs can vary a lot in how good they are. Some jobs are fun and pay well, while others are boring and don't pay much.

Online Typing Jobs: Learn More About This Career
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You will have to compete with many writers from places where the average cost of living is lower. They don't speak English very well, but they can work for much less money.

In many countries, the average hourly pay is between $1 and $2. Because of this, working as a content writer can be hard, especially if you are just starting. After you've built up your portfolio and gotten some good references, you'll find jobs much more quickly and be able to charge much more.

What Is Another Common Form of Online Typing Job?

Do you know how to listen and type well? Then you might want to apply for jobs that involve typing. You must listen to interviews, speeches, and dictations. Then you turn the audio files into text that can be read.

In most areas, you don't need any special skills. You will be paid per project, so how much you can earn per hour will depend on how fast you can type. You will have to train for special jobs and show you have the skills and knowledge. Most of the time, this is done in the legal and medical transcription fields.

What Are the Pros of Online Typing Jobs?

Even though someone will give you work to do, you won't have a boss watching over your shoulder if you work as a typist from home. You can type anywhere, like on your sunny patio or in your cozy bed at home.

Online Typing Jobs: Learn More About This Career
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As long as you get your work done, it doesn't matter to the boss how you do it. Being an offline typist gives you the freedom to work most comfortably. Typing jobs you can do from home usually don't require much in the way of equipment.

When you work from home, you can choose your hours and where you work. To meet your deadlines, it's up to you if you want to work at 3 am or any other time. Those with young children or other daytime responsibilities will like that an offline typing job gives them this freedom.

What Are the Other Pros of Online Typing Jobs?

You are usually good to go if you have a computer and a pair of headphones. Some jobs may require you to download special software or order extra equipment, like a foot pedal to control the speed of dictation, but if you already have a computer, you won't have to spend much to get started.

Online typing jobs won't make you rich, but it pays pretty well for something you can do in your pajamas.

Typing jobs are great because the faster you type, the more money you make. This is true even if you are paid by the project instead of by the hour because you can finish more tasks in less time. So, your ability to make money is in your own hands.

What Are the Cons of Online Typing Jobs?

Some people might not like how boring it is to type at home or do it online. When transcribing an audio recording for use in legal documents, it is common practice to play it back more than once to make sure it is correct.

Online Typing Jobs: Learn More About This Career
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Most recordings are played back at a slower speed when they are transcribed. Another thing that could be bad about being a typist who works from home is that you have to be careful when choosing an employer.

Even though there are legitimate businesses online, you should take your time and learn as much as you can about potential employers before signing contracts.

What Are the Other Cons of Online Typing Jobs?

Online typing jobs are routine and require you to focus on one task for a long time. When you type, you have to pay close attention to every detail, so you need a fairly quiet place to work.

If you can't be quiet at home, it can be hard to do a typing job. Even if you live in a quiet place, you may be unable to keep the focus you need to type well for long periods.


Being a typist is a catch-all phrase often used in online job listings to describe tasks like data entry, video captioning, and transcription (among many others).

Some online typing jobs pay more than others, and some require training, certification, or special equipment. But overall, getting into the field is easy, even if you have no experience.