Sonu Sood Help: Sonu Sood Announces Scholarship For Students

The news has been dominated by actor Sonu Sood during the COVID19 lockdown for reaching out to millions of migrants workers and other daily wage workers to extend his help in whatever way they required. The actor has been helping the needy with books, equipment as well as additional items from the previous few days. Now, the 'messiah' of the people has started another initiative to help the. Sonu Sood has announced that he would provide scholarships for a range of courses to underprivileged students in the name of his late mother Saroj Sood.

Sonu Sood said on Instagram, pledging to sponsor full college education for students in need, “Hindustan Badhega Tabhi, Jab Padhenge Sabhi! Everyone should have an equal shot for a healthy, happy future, according to my mother, Prof. Saroj Sood. Thus, full scholarships for further education under her name, Prof. Saroj Sood scholarships, are being offered to students now. Financial difficulties shouldn't, in my opinion, prevent someone from realizing their full potential. We will get in touch with you when you submit your entries to within the next ten days.”


Speaking with TOI, Sonu Sood remarked -

"During the past few months, I have seen how the underprivileged struggled to pay for their children’s education. While some did not have phones to attend online classes, others did not have money to pay the fees. So, I have tied up with universities across the country to offer scholarships under the name of my mother, Professor Saroj Sood. She used to provide free lessons in Moga, Punjab. I believe that now is the appropriate moment to take on the work she had instructed me to do."

He added, "Students may apply for this scholarship if their family makes less than Rs 2 lakh per year. The only condition is that their academic record should be good. All their expenses — course fees, hostel accommodation and food — everything will be taken care of by us."


According to the reports, the scholarship will be available to students in Medicine, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Fashion, Journalism and Business Studies, among other courses.

Earlier on Teacher's Day, in a message devoted to his mother, Sonu Sood wrote:

"I am walking on the path shown by you mother. The destination is far away but will surely be found.Happy teacher’s day my teacher...Prof. Saroj sood."


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